CareerLink training provider, Springhouse, helps a job seeker on his path to re-employment

Summary: Springhouse alum lands a new job after completing the Business Technology training program.

“When my employer outsourced significant services to India, my position as a Project Manager and Business Analyst was eliminated. I contacted PA CareerLink of Montgomery County and with their guidance, identified a program for training. 

I selected the Business Technology for Professionals Program at Springhouse Education & Consulting Services. In the interview process, I was impressed with the knowledge of the interviewer concerning technology changes and business hiring needs going forward. I was made to feel at ease and part of a friendly, professional, and skilled environment. 

During the training period, I found the total atmosphere at Springhouse to be supportive and uplifting. Instructors were great and willing to assist with questions and guidance. I was highly impressed with the depth of knowledge shared by the instructors. The administrative staff was gracious and ready to help as needed. I passed my PSM I certification and will soon sit for my PMP certification. Overall, the experience at Springhouse exceeded my expectations.

With my updated and new skills, I have secured a great position as a Project Manager and Compliance and License Specialist. It is largely a remote position, which allows me to work from home much of the time.” 

~ Bill Becker, PSM

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