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Specializing in IT solutions, project management, and business agility

With decades of consulting expertise in network administration and productivity solutions, Springhouse is well-positioned to support businesses and enterprises as they plan for workplace changes and information technology integration.

Springhouse consultants guide businesses of all sizes and in all fields through technology enhancements. From assessment of your needs to go-live planning and governance decisions to workforce training, our experts will collaborate and support you every step of the way to make change adoption efficient and effective.

The strategic steps in our consulting process




Kick-Off and Discovery

Design and Develop

Deploy and Educate

Monitor and Support

Re-evaluate and Fine Tune

Helping businesses adopt and adapt to change in the workplace

Step 0


All prospective clients receive complimentary get-to-know-you conversations with a Solutions Specialist to discuss their business challenges, learn about Springhouse’s full scope of solutions, and understand all the steps in the consulting process. 

Through this discussion, we will learn about your company’s strength and character, as well as any potential challenges, so we can develop a tailored plan that helps you attain the stated goals.

From these insightful conversations, Springhouse experts will develop a customized Scope of Work for client approval.

Scope of Work Deliverables

  • Identified requirements
  • Anticipated phases (Steps 1-5)
  • Pricing and payment
  • Terms and conditions
  • Schedules and next steps

Step 1

Kick-off and Discovery

The first step of any project involves defining the project. Our experts will sit down with your experts to have a robust discussion about your needs. We will bring all our questions.

This critical step allows everyone to determine the feasibility of a potential project and to ask important questions of each other. During this meeting, we will ask you to describe the challenge you are facing, and then summarize your goals, the timeline, and the approximate budget. We will want to know what type of internal resources exist, including people, processes, and technology. It is helpful to also identify key contact people within your management team who need to be included in the approval process and any other stakeholders that play a role.

Step 2

Design and Develop

Every client, business, and industry has different needs for advancement. Springhouse has learned this over the past 30+ years of working with companies of all sizes in a variety of fields, making us uniquely qualified to adapt all the IT solutions, training curriculum, and coaching to what the client needs. Our proposed projects always take into consideration your people, your processes, and your technology.


Assess the situation.  
  • People: Have you thoroughly trained and otherwise prepared your workforce?
  • Processes: Have you revised existing processes or created new guidelines to support the effort?
  • Technology: Have you implemented the necessary technology infrastructure to support the goal?
Based on common goals, here are a few examples of the types of solutions that we can deliver. No challenge is too great.

Step 3

Deploy and Educate

Following the Scope of Work, Springhouse will guide your team every step of the way through the go-live plan. It might include identifying resources, conducting meetings, communicating updates, and delivering performance reports. Any training that is included in the plan will be scheduled.

The customized plan may feature a combination of some or all of the following services in support of your people, processes, and technology.

  • Instructor-led training
  • On-demand learning
  • Seat-side learning
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Embedded consulting
  • Strategic support staffing

Step 4

Monitor and Support

Monitoring and supporting the project will occur in tandem with the deployment and educational training. We will track progress, identify areas of improvement, and compare it to the plan. That way, adjustments can be made in real time, as you need it.

During this stage of the process, your Springhouse expert will dedicate time to answer all your questions, support the learning, and assess any areas that need to be further addressed to fully meet the goal.

It’s important to conduct quality control checks throughout the process. As a result, we can monitor together that everything is in order and that we are in compliance with the standards or guidelines that inform your specific industry.

Step 5

Re-evaluate and Fine Tune

After all elements of the Scope of Work for this project are complete, Springhouse will reconvene with the client’s team for a retrospective to evaluate the project’s success. 

Among other questions, we will address:

  • Did everything go according to the approved plan?
  • What was learned from the process?
  • What new challenges were revealed as a result?

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