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Reimagine a new way to analyze

Reimagine a new way to collaborate


Applying modern ways to solve complex business challenges


Develop strategic goals and opportunities for your workforce


Unleashing Microsoft OneDrive’s File-Finding Powers


Summer of Learning – Refresh Your Desktop Skills in 2024

Apps and Automation

Springhouse assesses and then improves organizational efficiency using Power Apps and Power Automate, two pillars of Microsoft’s Power Platform.

SharePoint Consulting

Springhouse leads the development of SharePoint intranets, team sites, and communication sites, plus we support migrations to SharePoint Online.

Microsoft 365 Support

Springhouse consultants are team players and serve collaboratively as an extension of departments tasked with supporting the needs of the business.

Corporate Training

Springhouse formulates and delivers prescriptive workplace learning plans that standardize toolsets, teach best practices, and provide education for all employees.

Microsoft Education

Springhouse sees value in employee upskilling in Microsoft Office, data analytics, and collaboration that are rooted in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

Agile and Scrum Courses

Organizations turn to Springhouse to gain an understanding of Agile frameworks to help them learn, implement, and master Scrum and Kanban concepts.

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A Guide to Microsoft’s Data Storage Options

Microsoft provides various data storage and management platforms. This explainer details the similarities, differences, and uses of Dataverse, SQL, and SharePoint to help you choose the right storage solution for your business needs. Different data management tools...

Power Apps Learning Journey

Springhouse Explainer: Our Power Apps Learning Journey creates opportunities for businesses to establish efficient ways of approaching repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Case Study: Leveraging the Power Platform to simplify data sharing

Springhouse resolved a challenge by using the Power Platform to help our client prepare complicated reports for data sharing.

SharePoint Case Study: Tracking Tuition Reimbursement Deviations

Case Study: Springhouse proposed using Microsoft SharePoint to develop a Tuition Deviation Request form for tracking reimbursement requests.

Case Study: Merging Intranets with SharePoint – Mine, Yours, and Ours

When companies merge, they must combine all duplicate systems including web assets. Springhouse recommends Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Case Study: Managing Manufacturing Tools with Microsoft SharePoint

Wrench Tracking Case Study: Springhouse proposed using Microsoft SharePoint because we knew the company had familiarity with that solution.

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