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Buy 2 and Get 1 Free

Springhouse has curated a Data Analytics Learning Track to bring quality training to professionals in the growing field of data analysis.
Promo Code: Data2020 [Offer expires 6/30/2020]

Buy 2 and Get 1 Free

This limited-time offer applies to our Web Design/Digital Marketing Learning Track.
Promo Code: WEBDEV30 [Offer expires 6/30/20]

Agile Leadership Series Events

Agile + Business Agility

Agile transformation is a cultural change. This session will explore business agility and how Agile differs from traditional methods.

Agile + Analytics

During this lunch-and-learn Agile Leadership Series session, explore how Microsoft Power BI can help your organization unlock the power of data.

Agile + Project Management

This session is aimed at building a symbiotic connection between new ways of working and traditional ways of working.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) training announcement

Amazon Web Services (AWS) training added to course catalog

Springhouse has added the full suite of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to its online technical training catalog for professional development and certification prep.

Agile and everything

Agile and Everything: The connect between modern and more traditional management methods

Going Agile does not mean you simply change your product development processes. Going Agile should spark a culture change that permeates multiple aspects of your business. Learn how Agile and new ways of working connect with traditional ways of working and everything else.

Scrum Day Philadelphia Allison Dhuy welcome presentation on agile

Moving Forward by Engaging

Today’s customers are more powerful than ever. In order to meet their demand for value, there is a need to be on – and stay on – the cutting edge. Agile businesses – and all the wheels, gears, and cogs that power it – are incrementally and continuously evolving and enhancing the products and services that they deliver based on their customer’s feedback.

Photo depicts Scrum Day Philadelphia panel experts.

First-ever Scrum Day Philadelphia hit max capacity

One-hundred Greater Philadelphia professionals joined Springhouse Education & Consulting Services at The Desmond Hotel on November 14 for Scrum Day to engage in discussions with 10 national Scrum experts.

Photo depicts Springhouse's 30th anniversary news

Springhouse Transcends Tech Evolution, Hits 30-Year Milestone

30th Anniversary News: Springhouse, a family-owned business, celebrates three decades of technology training and process improvement.

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