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Series: Summer of Learning

As part of this year’s Summer of Learning sale, Springhouse is extending FREE sessions aimed at the successful adoption and extension of select apps and tools within Microsoft 365.

Wed., June 26

11 – 11:45 am

Going Beyond Group Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a versatile communication and teamwork platform. Within an organization, many employees gravitate to its chat capabilities. However, group chats can create chaos or confusion. When a group needs to share findings, updates, and files regularly, it is time to go beyond just chatting. At this event, Springhouse will caution against using detached group chats in favor of using channels and in-app tools to build teams and anchor projects, committees, and more.

Wed., July 17

11 – 11:45 am

Unleashing OneDrive's File Finding Powers

Unleashing OneDrive’s File-Finding Powers

When you feel buried under a mountain of digital files, Microsoft OneDrive can be your hero. While it excels at storing your files in the cloud, its search function is a superpower waiting to be unleashed. At this webinar, we will talk about how keywords and filters allow you to pinpoint that crucial spreadsheet or long-lost presentation in seconds. No more endless scrolling through folders – OneDrive’s search makes finding what you need a breeze, putting you in control of your digital life.

Wed., Aug. 21

11 – 11:45 am

Choosing the Right Data Repository for your Power Apps

Choosing the Right Data Repository for your Power Apps

Selecting the perfect data storage option for your Power App is like building a solid foundation for your house. The right option depends on your needs. For small, quick apps with limited users, a simple Excel spreadsheet or SharePoint list might suffice. However, for larger applications or those requiring robust security and scalability, Microsoft Dataverse shines. At this webinar, we will discuss how factors like data volume, user base, and budget can impact your decision.

Wed., Sept. 18

11 – 11:45 am

Strike up a Conversation with Copilot Studio

Striking up a Conversation with Copilot Studio

Look no further than Microsoft Copilot Studio to build or enhance AI-powered chatbots! Copilot Studio offers an interface to craft conversations, integrate with external data sources, and leverage generative AI for informative responses. Imagine chatbots that answer employee FAQs, guide customers through sales processes, or even manage simple tasks. At this event, we will introduce Copilot Studio and how bringing these intelligent assistants online can streamline communication within your organization and beyond.

Series: Tap into the Power of your Microsoft 365 Subscription 

Get the full value of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Dig deeper into the capabilities of your toolset that will help you streamline collaboration, improve communication, and increase throughput. In this FREE series, Springhouse will highlight how companies can unlock the full potential of their M365 subscription allowing you to save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Wed., Oct. 16

11 – 11:45 am

Overcoming the limitations of Microsoft Access

Overcoming the Limitations of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a great tool for desktop power users. With its graphical user interface, it is easy to craft database solutions complete with forms and reporting. Access also offers a straightforward way to create reports from data in other sources such as SQL Server. Many Access solutions have become crucial to companies, but it is meant to be a desktop app, not an enterprise app. Those still relying on Access struggle to make it fit today’s digital demands. At this event, Springhouse will address the limitations of Microsoft Access and explore more effective ways to manage your data using Microsoft 365 alternatives such as Power Query, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, or even Excel.

Wed., Nov. 20

11 – 11:45 am

Making the Case for Power BI over Tableau

Making the Case for Power BI over Tableau

Microsoft 365 subscribers have a robust portfolio of apps and services at their fingertips. Because M365 is so comprehensive, there are opportunities to save costs by reducing the number of other redundant applications and third-party subscriptions. Power BI is one such M365 app. With the availability of Power BI, you do not need Tableau. Both are highly regarded platforms in the analytics and business intelligence market. During this complimentary event, Springhouse will provide a side-by-side comparison of features and functionality so that your organization can decide if the BI platform you are already paying for with your M365 subscription can meet the needs of your organization.

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