Offers, Estimates, and Pricing

Springhouse helps its clients accomplish more within the scope of their budget. Open-enrollment courses have listed prices, and we often run promotions for savings discounts and special offers to offset costs. Mentoring and consulting fees are calculated by the scope of work. Get started by submitting an estimate request.

Here are the various ways businesses can budget and save on training and other services.

  • Promotions and Pricing Discounts
  • Knowledge Pack Savings
  • Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)
  • Cisco Learning Credits
  • Deployment Planning Services

Training Savings Accounts, Vouchers, and Learning Credit Programs

Springhouse Knowledge Packs

The Knowledge Pack is a long-standing training savings account program unique to Springhouse. It secures a training discount on most open-enrollment courses.

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)

Springhouse is authorized to redeem Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) for specifically identified Microsoft courses:

Live, instructor-led Microsoft technical training

Microsoft Official Curriculum On-Demand (MOC On-Demand)


How to redeem your SATV

All required information needs to be received and confirmed before the start of the selected class:

Your company’s benefits manager needs to activate and verify your company’s SATV benefit by visiting the Volume License Service Center (VSLC).

To confirm your courses can be funded with SATVs, contact Springhouse at 610-321-3500.

Springhouse can verify the expiration date of your Microsoft volume license agreement.

Your Benefits Manager needs to create and assign training vouchers to you. (These vouchers will then expire in 180 days.)

Call Springhouse to schedule your participation in or purchase of the desired course.

Provide Springhouse with the details found in the voucher confirmation email, including the SATV voucher and associated email address.

Deployment Planning Services

Organizations with Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits may have Deployment Planning Service days to fund such an engagement. Springhouse, a Microsoft Partner, is approved to redeem your Microsoft Software Assurance planning service days to maximize your committed investment.

When discussions are specific to how your organization will deploy SharePoint or how you will migrate from a SharePoint on-premise environment to SharePoint Online, Springhouse facilitates planning services to identify current situations, struggles, requirements, and risks. These documented and client-vetted factors guide Springhouse’s SharePoint consultants through the crafting of a deployment plan that meets your specific needs.

Cisco Learning Credits

Springhouse honors Cisco Learning Credits allowing customers to fund their technical training.

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