Project Management Training

A project is an undertaking meant to achieve a particular aim through the execution of a sequence of events or tasks.

What those events are and the best approach to their oversight depends on the project management method of choice.

Springhouse helps teams understand…

    • What is fundamental to the success of all projects
    • What framework supports which types of projects best

Predictive Project Management

Predictive project management, which is sometimes referred to as traditional project management, is a set of management standards and actions best for projects that are close to certain – cause-and-effect relationships are well known and similar projects have taken place in the past.

Organizations turn to Springhouse to formalize the understanding and practice of project management when…

    • There is a need to improve the efficiency of the Project Management Office (PMO) and project teams
    • High-performing employees are assigned the role of project manager
    • Project coordinators are on a path to becoming project managers

Springhouse upskills the practice of project management by educating individuals on the characteristics and practices that align with the standards set by the Project Management Institute, the leading professional membership association for the project management profession.

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