Agile Ways of Working

The best way to approach a project — and its oversight — depends on its complexity.

When projects are innovative and little is known specifically about the path forward or when projects are complex and impossible to frame out in their entirety, an Agile approach is certain to get something of value in the hands of clients sooner than later.

Organizations turn to Springhouse to gain an understanding of Agile frameworks when…

    • Teams are attempting to embrace an Agile framework for the first time
    • Teams vary in their understanding of a particular framework
    • Teams are struggling to map an Agile framework to their line of work

If your organization is looking to adopt Scrum, Kanban, or SAfe, Springhouse collaborates on the most effective way to improve the use of these frameworks.

Let’s talk about an Agile training plan

Private Scrum Day or Series

Springhouse aligns itself with’s educational offerings and Professional Scrum Trainers. A great way to inspire Agile teams within the organization is by hosting a private Scrum Day or Scrum Day Series that brings the expertise of this well-rounded community directly to leadership and its teams. Read more about our customizable Corporate Training Plans.

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