Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Springhouse knows which business goals and needs are best supported with Microsoft SharePoint. We guide our customers through the discussions that lead to a SharePoint site that is the right fit for them. 

Clients partner with Springhouse when they are considering: 

    • A file share migration 
    • A SharePoint migration, either on-premises to cloud or tenant-to-tenant 
    • An Intranet solution and Intranet development services 

Developing Intranet Sites with SharePoint

All organizations have vital business information that connects employees to the company and supports team initiatives. The key to ensuring relevant and easily accessible information includes: 

    • A centralized, secure location 
    • A means of intuitive navigation 
    • Document management capabilities that include version control, audit trails, and retention policies 
    • An information classification system 
    • A robust search engine
    • Access from anywhere 

SharePoint is the Microsoft 365 platform that meets these requirements and supports extended capabilities such as workflow automation.

    Let’s get started

    Schedule a complimentary 30-minute discussion with a Springhouse solutions specialist to understand the full capabilities of SharePoint and where it may fit into your enterprise toolset.

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