Microsoft Teams Solutions

Springhouse helps departments and functional units harness Microsoft Teams’ capabilities and elevate how they collaborate. 

Clients partner with Springhouse when they are considering how to: 

    • Organize information within a Microsoft 365 tenant 
    • Reduce the number of systems used to support communications 
    • Improve the management of projects and other team initiatives 

Creating an Organized Workspace 

Microsoft Teams pulls all the elements that help groups collaborate in a single workspace to streamline how work gets done. Groups of individuals often…

    • Converse with the same subset of colleagues
    • Frequent select repositories of information 
    • Rely on specific apps 
    • Manage tasks specific to a joint effort 

Microsoft Teams provides groups with an online forum, the ability to quickly calendar and facilitate team-associated meetings, centralized file storage, tabbed access to other apps, and more. For the enterprise, it can serve as a phone system, a web conferencing solution, and an instant messaging platform. 

Let’s get a conversation started

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute discussion with a Springhouse solutions specialist to understand the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams and where it fits in your enterprise toolset.

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