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Get a corporate training volume discount this season

Take advantage of our huge savings opportunity when you customize a comprehensive training program that aligns with your organization’s professional development goals.

Your unique educational needs… Delivered on your schedule… Presented live online or on-site at your location.

Trying to map a training wish list to pre-defined public offerings can create scheduling challenges and scope limitations. Skip the hassle of aligning individual schedules with a pre-set calendar. Instead, collaborate with Springhouse and formulate a prescriptive program that meets the learning needs of your internal audience and aligns with their availability.

The more you plan, the more you save. Take advantage of our money-saving volume discount program for your administrative and professional staff.

  • Contract 1 corporate class and save $*
  • Contract 2 corporate classes and save $$*
  • Contract 3 corporate classes and save $$$*
  • Contract 4 corporate classes and save $$$$*

* Compared to open enrollment fees

What are your corporate goals?

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Modern Data Analytics Training for Proactive Organizations

The Now

Microsoft Excel has been the default application for spreadsheets of data and data analysis for decades. With your Microsoft 365 subscription, Excel puts business intelligence into the hands of end users. It is one of Springhouse’s most popular training topics.

  • As the volume of data increases and the questions become more complex, Excel begins to present limitations. The capacity of a Microsoft Excel worksheet is just over a million rows; when analyzing large amounts of data, it is possible to exceed that limitation quickly.
  • Answering complex questions requires large, nested formulas that are hard to audit and maintain. Computer performance is often impacted because the recalculation of these formulas with every use is resource-intensive.

The How

Microsoft offers modern tools that advance your data analytics potential beyond Excel’s constraints. Springhouse encourages the addition of Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI to your data toolbox.

  • Microsoft Power Query allows you to overcome capacity limitations with simple but large datasets.
  • Microsoft Power Pivot allows you to work with data and gain new insights using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Plus, it is an excellent stepping-stone for Excel users growing into a business intelligence role.
  • Microsoft Power BI allows you to become an experienced data analysis practitioner. It extends coherent, visually immersive, and interactive to the enterprise through reports and digital dashboards.

The Wow

Modern analytics includes developing and managing large datasets, complex data models, and power calculations without limitations. Collaborate with Springhouse to adopt, migrate, and integrate advanced data analysis. In addition, Springhouse can advise and develop new ways to gather and display data using Power Platform tools, like Power Apps and Power Automate.

Private Training Engagement Example

Data Analysis Workforce Skills Advancement Program

Springhouse works with you to craft the building blocks you need.


Dive into the fundamentals of data analysis. Then, broaden your skills with data visualizations using Microsoft Excel’s features and functions.

Save when you add…


Connect, clean, merge, and transform data with Microsoft Power Query. Then, level up by modeling data with Microsoft Power Pivot.

Save more when you add…


Go beyond Excel’s limitations and explore Microsoft Power BI. Then, impress the rest when you discover how to connect, model, visualize, and share data.

Save even more when you add…


Dig deeper into Power BI’s enhanced analysis capabilities with customized visuals, pages, and tooltips. Then, learn the potential of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and top it off by presenting interactive visualizations.

Springhouse specializes in digital solutions that transform and advance business productivity. Specifically, we develop Microsoft cloud-based solutions using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint, and Teams, and then we support our clients with related Microsoft Office training. Plus, we have extensive experience mentoring clients in Scrum, Agile, Project Management, and Design Thinking.


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