The Springhouse Virtual Classroom

For any assistance, you may contact or call 610-321-3500

The Components of your Virtual Class

 Your live, online class will include one or more of the following:

  • Your instructor led, live-online class
    (Zoom Meeting; details below)
  • Your class desktop or online lab environment
  • Digital courseware 

Topic specific instructions (digital courseware and online access)


Requirements to Join the Virtual Classroom

  • High speed Internet access
  • A computer (a laptop or desktop with monitor*)
  • Two-way audio
    • Computer built-in audio works well; most laptops have both a microphone and speakers; the use of a headset is recommended but not required
    • For those that do not have computer audio, the telephone is an alternative
    • Test your audio; join your Zoom meeting fifteen minutes prior to class

*Dual Monitors are Highly Recommended

 We encourage the use of: 

  • Monitor One for your class exercises (remote desktop or online lab environment)
  • Monitor Two for your online instruction (Zoom Meeting)
    • In lieu of a second monitor, you can connect to a Zoom Meeting using a smart tablet
  • Monitor Two to view your digital courseware
    • Be advised, it is typically not necessary to “follow along in the book”

Use of Web-Cams are Highly Recommended

  • Students are not required to purchase a web-cam
  • If a web-cam is available (many are built into laptops), students are encouraged to enable their video as part of the Zoom Meeting
  • Be sure to preview your web-cam; join your Zoom meeting fifteen minutes prior to class taking note of your background setting, lighting, and camera angle

Your Zoom Meeting

  • The Zoom client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting; we encourage you to install this client rather than join from your browser so you can participate in classroom activities such as polls and annotating.
  • Please join your Zoom meeting fifteen minutes prior to class to test your audio and preview your video
  • Typically, the Zoom meeting details are found in your Registration Confirmation
    • Registration Confirmation comes from
    • Registration Confirmation includes a calendar invite (a .ics file attachment)
    • Sometimes the Registration Confirmation includes other PDF attachments
    • If you do not receive the Registration Confirmation email upon successful payment of your class, please contact Springhouse at 610-321-3500 or
  • Learn how to Join a Zoom Meeting (Zoom Help Center)
  • Join a Test Zoom Meeting (Zoom Help Center)

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