Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Organizations rely on Springhouse Microsoft 365 training to help their teams harness the power of digital collaboration.

Microsoft 365’s integrated collaborative solutions are SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive. Springhouse has a portfolio of training offerings that can be tailored based on the company’s own…

    • Skillset maturity
    • Collaboration governance
    • Use case

Whether or not you have partnered with Springhouse on your SharePoint implementation or Microsoft Teams implementation, we welcome you to coordinate a complimentary discussion and take advantage of our expertise. Our subject matter experts will improve how your teams organize, share, and collaborate.

The importance of SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive training

Successfully implementing collaboration solution tools, like SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive, requires thorough and ongoing education for end users, power users, and site administrators. Springhouse delivers corporate training plans that are taught in real-time by instructors who are certified to teach Microsoft’s official courseware.

Let’s discuss Microsoft training plans

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