Workplace Learning

Access to learning and development opportunities within the workplace fosters happier, more engaged, and more productive teams. 

Springhouse partners with human resources, workforce development, and managers to help individuals, teams, and organizations work better. We define better as solutions that promote collaboration, effectiveness, efficiency, and intelligence.

    Target Outcomes for Training


    • Encourage sharing and empowering teams 
    • Use tools that promote innovation and progress


    • Adopt best-in-class ways of working 


    • Establish communication standards
    • Centralize information


    • Maximize the toolset’s features and functions
    • Make better-informed decisions by mining business intelligence

    Corporate Training Specializations

    Microsoft 365 Education

    Springhouse brings private Microsoft 365 training to Microsoft 365-subscribing organizations so teams can maximize the features and functionality that best serve unique business needs.

    Professional Development

    Springhouse brings private professional development engagements to leadership and their teams to elevate their cohesion and efficacy.

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