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Springhouse delivers SharePoint courses for end users, power users, and site administrators


Education is the foundation of any skill. Understanding the essentials of a subject, like Microsoft SharePoint, and then building upon that knowledge with more learning and skill repetition strengthens a person’s overall ability to master any topic. Springhouse has taught every iteration of SharePoint since Microsoft first launched the software in 2001. We’ve mastered the topic, making it one the flagship programs in our course catalog.

End-User CoursesTechnical Courses

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an on-premise or a cloud-based platform specifically designed by Microsoft to facilitate collaboration. It does this by allowing people to use Microsoft business applications and web-based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location.

More than 200,000 organizations rely on Microsoft SharePoint to create intranets and extranets. It is a powerful online business tool used to securely store, organize, share, and access information from any device.

The importance of SharePoint training

Successfully implementing a productivity solution tool, like SharePoint, requires thorough and ongoing training for end users, power users, and site administrators. Springhouse delivers quality training designed to meet the student at their individual level of experience…from beginner to advanced. Our open-enrollment and private SharePoint courses are taught in real-time by instructors who are qualified and certified to teach the latest release of Microsoft’s official courseware. We can customize private deliveries in support of customer-specific configurations.

SharePoint End-User Classes

Springhouse courses for end users are ideal for businesses that are moving to SharePoint, and they need their employees to access information and collaborate within the site. Courses are available for SharePoint Online and on-premise SharePoint servers. Students will learn how to use SharePoint to access, store, share, and collaborate with information and documents.

SharePoint Power-User Courses

The SharePoint power-user courses at Springhouse are for IT and non-IT professionals who serve as site owners or site collection administrators. People should explore this learning path if they need to manage team collaboration, document organization, and the social features of SharePoint sites. Students will also learn the foundation of permissions and site collection management.

SharePoint Site-Administrator Training

The depth of our SharePoint course catalog supports experienced IT professionals too. Springhouse offers technical SharePoint courses for site administrators who need to install, configure, deploy, and manage installations in an on-site data center or in the cloud. These advanced courses are for people who manage their SharePoint network, and who have experience with other related technologies, such as Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. 

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