QuickHelp™ and Springhouse

Springhouse offers on-demand desktop training through QuickHelp™. QuickHelp™ is a solution for businesses using the Microsoft Office platform. It is video-based training that helps end-users adopt Microsoft business productivity technology faster, work better together, and ultimately change the way they work. It can help ease Office 365 de­ployment, reduce help-desk call volume, create a culture of learning, and drive productivity.

Register for a QuickHelp™ subscription. Get details online or contact a Solutions Specialist at 610-321-3500 or info@springhouse.com.

Springhouse is a trusted Microsoft training re­source in the Greater Philadelphia area. Its live, instructor-led, and in-person training business model is successful, proven by the fact that Springhouse has thrived over its 30-year existence. Classroom training is not a negative concept, just because it is called “traditional;” it is a highly effective and sought-after solution.

QuickHelp™ is an e-learning resource with an on-demand library of searchable and shareable, short-segment Microsoft desk­top training videos. It is a subscription-based service that delivers training content to the end-us­ers workstation, and it is especially beneficial when someone needs on-the-spot education.

Why Both?

Together, traditional training and e-learning solutions can complement one another. Employees begin with instructor-led training with Springhouse to immerse themselves in Microsoft desktop applications. This is when they learn the foundation of software concepts and capabilities, and they have the freedom to do hands-on learning and ask all the questions they have. Once the employee returns to their place of work, however, they are likely to have more questions or need daily pointers without the help of a trainer by their side. This is why Springhouse and QuickHelp™ dovetail so nicely together.

Why Now?

Modern technol­ogy changes continuously. Platforms that live in the cloud, such as the ever-evolving Office 365, are enhanced in real-time. Best-of-show programs, like Microsoft Word, Outlook, or Excel, add newer and smarter features with every roll-out. Businesses upgrade to the latest version with new bells and whistles, however, the end-users don’t always have time budgeted for training on how to maximize the lat­est features. Often, employees are expected to figure out the changes on their own, which can be intimidating and time-consuming.

A license agreement to QuickHelp™ provides the day-to-day desktop support employees need after traditional training ends. In combination, Springhouse and QuickHelp™ rein­force long-term learning, software savviness, and change adoption.

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