Reclaim your Day with these Outlook Gems

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 3 Hours.
Classes are priced from $195.00. See individual sessions for details.


Join us for an immersive experience utilizing tools, features, and techniques within Outlook that will streamline and improve the management of your emails, calendar, tasks, and contacts – giving you back your day.


If you are new to Outlook, consider one of our full day courses instead as focused 3-hour session is designed for seasoned Outlook users that have yet to venture beyond their comfort zone.

Course Outline

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle –
    • Reduce the amount of time you spend typing emails by crafting reusable Quick Parts or re-sending messages
    • Drag a message to create a calendar event or a task – What?
  • Stay focused – introducing Ignore Conversations
  • Never miss a critical email again with Message Alerts
  • Declutter your inbox – learn how Clean Up in Outlook with a click
  • Learn how to grab attention with @mentions
  • Want to formalize task management? Look no further than Outlook
  • Set it and forget it – how to schedule the delivery of emails
  • Two weeks from now is when? Introducing the Natural Language feature
  • Eliminate scrolling from week to week. How to view non-consecutive days on a single screen
  • No need to tie a string around your finger – automate reminders for you and recipients
  • Survey says? Take a quick poll with Outlook Voting
  • Color code your messages – cool
  • The modern mailing list – grouping your contacts
  • Stop wasting time rekeying your most frequent searches

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