Managing your Manager’s Mailbox: Delegated Access in Outlook

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 3 Hours.
Classes are priced from $195.00. See individual sessions for details.


Entrusting staff with the administration of appointments, meetings, and general communications is a core managerial concept.

It is common for the office specialist – Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, and Project Coordinators (to name a few) – to serve as a key point of contact for others, allowing leadership to focus on their priorities.

To support this delegation in today’s digital world, managers can entrust others to represent them in Microsoft Outlook.

Whether you are a manager assigning responsibility or an individual entrusted with the calendar and email of others, come learn the core concepts of Outlook delegation from both angles.


If you are new to Outlook, consider one of our full day courses instead as focused 3-hour session is designed for seasoned Outlook users that have yet to venture beyond their comfort zone.

Course Outline

  • Levels of Trust – Discover the different degrees of Delegate Permissions and how access is delegated
  • What’s going on? Learn how to see Deleted and Sent Items
  • Easy Access - Automatically opening the other person’s mailbox
  • Representing others - learn how to manage meetings and email on behalf of others
  • Delegation on the road – adding a delegated mailbox to your mobile device
  • What would an Outlook overview be without Tips and Tricks?
    • Message Options – how to enable the From and Bcc fields
    • Using rules and color coding to help keep mailboxes straight
    • How to view those multiple calendars

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