Making the case for Power BI over Tableau

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The duration of this course is 45 minutes.
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Microsoft 365 subscribers have a robust portfolio of apps and services at their fingertips. Because M365 is so comprehensive, there are opportunities to save costs by reducing the number of other redundant applications and third-party subscriptions. Power BI is one such M365 app. With the availability of Power BI, you do not need Tableau. Both are highly regarded platforms in the analytics and business intelligence market. During this complimentary event, Springhouse will provide a side-by-side comparison of features and functionality so that your organization can decide if the BI platform you are already paying for with your M365 subscription can meet the needs of your organization.

Get the full value of your Microsoft 365 subscription. Dig deeper into the capabilities of your toolset that will help you streamline collaboration, improve communication, and increase throughput. In this free series, Springhouse will highlight how companies can unlock the full potential of their M365 subscription allowing you to save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. These are information-based sessions; most will not include demonstrations of apps, features, or other functionality.

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This complimentary event is for actively employed business professionals.

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Throughout the year, Springhouse hosts free virtual events on a variety of topics. These forums provide an opportunity to discuss digital transformations happening in the modern workplace. Discussion and audience participation is encouraged. The goal of these online meetings is to bring potential solutions to the table by providing a welcoming space to explore advanced ideas.

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