Demonstrating Consistency of Training, Springhouse Offers Premium Training from the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Community

Springhouse Education & Consulting Services announces that it has joined the PTN (Professional Training Network). The network enables Springhouse to leverage the premium brand, courses, and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community.

To become a recognized member of the PTN program, Springhouse surpassed strict requirements set by It has shown its dedication to training through continued use of PSTs. Furthermore, it has certified that it will adhere to the code of conduct, which has put in place, to ensure that students are receiving only the highest quality training experience.

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“Scrum has quickly become one of our most highly sought after certification training programs,” said Adrienne Cooper, Vice President of Education, Springhouse. “In 2017, we began collaborating with a dynamic trainer, Dr. Chuck Suscheck. This addition made instructor-led Scrum training easily accessible to individuals and corporate planning teams in the Greater Philadelphia area.” Dr. Suscheck is a highly qualified PST. As a result, he is one of the few people in the world certified to teach the entire curriculum.

Scrum courses at Springhouse

As a PTN member, Springhouse supports its mission to improve software delivery processes. Springhouse’s curriculum begins with Professional Scrum Master training. Students can also enroll in Professional Scrum Foundations, Professional Scrum Developer, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Scaled Professional Scrum, and Professional Scrum with Kanban. In addition, the Exton-based training company teaches agile software development methodologies, the foundation of Scrum.

By offering courses, Springhouse provides the training individuals need to prepare them for the industry-recognized Professional Scrum certifications. Each course includes one attempt at the assessment and those who score 85% or better pass and receive certification.

This fall, Springhouse will host a Scrum Day conference. Dr. Suscheck and several PSTs will host break-out sessions and a panel discussion. This event is for certified Scrum professionals and individuals interested in earning a Scrum certification.

“Inconsistent teaching of the Scrum Framework often causes Scrum teams to struggle with the concepts as they learn from different teachers or companies,” said Dave West, CEO, “By becoming a member of the PTN, Springhouse has proven that they are providing only the highest quality, most consistent Scrum training.”

About Springhouse

Springhouse strategizes and delivers technical training, mentoring, and consulting using best-practice solutions. Our course curriculum keeps pace with the evolution of computer technology, project management, and professional development. We relentlessly dedicate our efforts to providing quality instruction and elevating the knowledge of corporate end-users and IT professionals. Springhouse does more than teach technology; we support the foundation of integration, innovation, and inspiration.

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