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Announcement: Amazon Web Services (AWS) training

Springhouse is pleased to announce that it has added Amazon Web Services (AWS) to its technical training catalog.

AWS is a secure cloud-services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Consequently, millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalable, and reliability.

As a result, businesses are choosing AWS because it is flexible, cost-effective, scalable, secure, and experienced, among other reasons.

According to the IDC, comprehensive Amazon Web Services training allows organizations to be 80% faster at adopting cloud services and nearly three times as likely to jump-start innovation. Likewise, effective training makes teams more likely to overcome operational and performance concerns.

In short, Springhouse’s course catalog includes live, online training for the full suite of AWS learning paths for Cloud Practitioners, Architects, Developers, and Operations. In addition, specialty courses for Big Data and Security have been added. Finally, all learning paths begin with the AWS Technical Essentials class, and then tailored paths for different roles to be prepared for AWS Certification exams.

To scale your Amazon Web Services (AWS) training strategy, talk to a Solutions Specialist at 610-321-3500 or info@springhouse.com.

Browse All AWS Courses

Cloud Practitioner Course

Ideal as a foundation for all role-based learning paths.

AWS Architect Courses

Ideal for solutions architects, solution design engineers, and anyone wanting to design systems and applications on AWS.

AWS Developer Courses

Ideal for Intermediate-level software developers who want to learn how to develop cloud applications on AWS.

AWS System Operations Courses

Ideal for Systems Administrators, Software Developers – especially those in Development Operations (DevOps) roles who want to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS.

AWS Specialty Courses – Big Data

  • Big Data on AWS
    • Ideal for solutions architects and system operator administrators responsible for designing and implementing big data solutions on AWS, data scientists and data analysts.
  • Data Warehousing on AWS
    • Ideal for database architects, database administrators, database developers, and data analysts and scientists.
  • Security Engineering on AWS
    • Ideal for security engineers, architects, analysts, and auditors responsible for governing, auditing, and testing an organization’s IT infrastructure and ensuring conformity of the infrastructure to security, risk, and compliance guidelines.

Browse All AWS Courses

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