Introducing our free Power-in-an-Hour events

Microsoft Power Platform is an umbrella term that includes the pillars of Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

By modernizing aspects of your day-to-day work using Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, you can focus on your highest priorities. Join us for our free Microsoft Power Platform events that focus on three individual pillars of the Power Platform.

Springhouse works collaboratively to guide our clients through the best use of these solutions. First, RSVP for our free Microsoft Power Platform events. Then, let’s talk about how your business can use Power Platform’s capabilities to address your pain points.

The following complimentary Microsoft Power Platform one-hour events can also be scheduled as private sessions. Contact us to set a date.

Microsoft Power Platform & Power BI | Free Events

Business Insight: Extract Answers by Questioning your Data

Power BI streamlines the analysis of data from one or multiple sources in real-time with visually impactful dashboards and reports. It is a modern analytics application, more robust than Excel, Access, or SQL. Take data-informed decision-making to the next level.

Explore how Power BI can help you harness your data and present it in a way you need, so you can identify and focus on your strategic business priorities.

We invite you to observe how to approach the common task of building and sharing a business intelligence report with Power BI.

Microsoft Power Platform & Power Automate | Free Events

The Automation of Repetitive Work

Power Automate, formerly called Microsoft Flow, is for the creation of automated processes that simplify the way work gets done. Move data between applications, initiate rules-based notifications, and more. Reclaim time in your day by automating frequent and repetitive tasks.

Start thinking about how Power Automate can run manual and re-occurring tasks so you can save time and focus on your true priorities.

We invite you to come on a journey to see the construction of an automated process using Microsoft’s low-code, drag-and-drop utility.

Microsoft Power Platform & Power Apps | Free Events

The Key to Data Quality

Power Apps is for low-code development of digital forms. Streamline and improve the integrity of data entry with custom apps built in hours, not months.

Discover how developing custom apps using Power Apps can help you gather and deploy the information you really need from internal and external resources.

We invite you to see how your organization can craft a structured digital form using Power Apps that ensures data integrity.

Power Virtual Agents is the fourth pillar of Power Platform. Interested in adding online chatbots to respond to common inquiries and issues? Submit our Contact Form to initiate a discussion about chat, a fast-growing, lead-generation channel.

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