SharePoint accelerates productivity and transforms processes

Summary: Springhouse consults and trains how to maximize the financial and operational benefits of SharePoint.

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Microsoft SharePoint provides a competitive advantage and faster processing of complex data and information needed for decision making. By consolidating information in a secure central site, there can be significant cost savings, as well as faster and lower cost-to-market for new products and modifications.

According to Microsoft, SharePoint can “Accelerate productivity
by transforming processes—from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Power Automate, and PowerApps, you can create rich digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device.”

1. Simplify Daily Activities 

The process of initiating, tracking, updating, and reporting business activities is more accurate, faster, and streamlined. This results in critical data becoming quickly available and increasing the speed and capacity of workforce decision-making. 

2. Effective Collaboration 

Employees and team members stay connected throughout the entire project. As a result, more knowledge is shared quickly and easily, which promotes greater productivity and boosts overall cost savings. 

3. Gain Support Meeting Regulatory Requirements 

For highly regulated businesses, SharePoint allows for the specification of security settings, storage, and auditing policies. Therefore, it provides the value of staying in compliance while saving employee costs and possible regulatory issues. 

4. Wide Availability of Decision-making Tools

SharePoint offers the ability to create live, interactive business-intelligence portals. This information displays in such a way that it allows for more effective decision-making.

5. Streamlined Content Management

SharePoint’s powerful content-management capabilities feature a central location to store electronic files. It allows members to import documents and share files with the team. Invited team members can collaborate on the same document while allowing for revisions and access to historical files. 

SharePoint Consulting at Springhouse

Springhouse’s SharePoint subject-matter experts consult and train site administrators, power users, and end users about how to unleash the full financial and operational benefits of SharePoint on-prem and SharePoint Online.

“SharePoint consulting and training is one of our pillar services at Springhouse,” said Rich Collins, Founder. “Our specialists have collaborated with large enterprises preparing to go live and coached smaller businesses migrating to SharePoint Online, and everything in between. Our clients benefit from the knowledge of our consultants and trainers that has been developed over years of listening to challenges and identifying the right solutions.”

Explore how Microsoft SharePoint – an essential corporate platform – and Springhouse can help you meet the unique financial and operational needs of your business.

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