When two organizations merge, they need to combine all duplicate systems, including their web assets. A drug-device manufacturing organization approached us to help them with a specific challenge – joining two intranets into one.


“I envision our teams truly coming together as an unrivaled force for creating better … products, offering chances to collaborate on innovative ideas, learn new skills, and discover commonalities,” wrote our client.

The CEO prioritized developing and launching a single intranet to unify employees and reflect one organization with one focus. Communication is critical when significant changes are happening. Our client envisioned the new site as its primary information hub to support the integration process and progress.


Springhouse recommended using Microsoft SharePoint Online to create a communication site for the development of the joint intranet. SharePoint is the ideal Microsoft solution for creating a centralized and secure online environment. It allows for the sharing of vital business information that connects employees to the company. Plus, with the client’s Microsoft 365 Enterprise Subscription and experience with SharePoint, a communication site can easily integrate with their other Microsoft applications allowing for future innovations using Power Apps and Power BI.


Let’s talk about problem-solving

Springhouse worked shoulder-to-shoulder with our client’s Head of Global Corporate Communication and Marketing, their internal marketing team, and their Agency of Record specializing in Health Science Marketing.

Springhouse provided dedicated technical support to the intranet development team to help them refine and implement their vision for the intranet. Our subject-matter expert taught them the full capabilities of SharePoint and advised them how to achieve their design ideas within SharePoint’s structure. Ultimately, we advised them through the development of a highly custom SharePoint site that upholds their brand standards. We also tailored some requested list views allowing our client to display information in non-standard list formats.


The collaboration between Springhouse and the client resulted in the successful launching of a unified and branded intranet. Employees across the enterprise visit regularly to read the latest:

  • Company news
  • Updates on the integration
  • Brand guide and business tools
  • Corporate culture and community events


While the newly merged company continues integrating its Human Resources and Information Technology systems and processes, the unified intranet will continue to grow in content, scope, and framework. Within six months of the launch, our client anticipates it can retire both legacy sites.

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