Scrum Day Presenter and Topics

Jim Sammons

Jim is a passionate technologist who believes in the power of people doing meaningful work to better the world. This passion led him to pursue Kanban, then Scrum, and finally a more pragmatic understanding of how to work to help teams deliver solutions using a variety of Agile methods. Jim brings with him more than 23 years of experience in technology, with the last eight years as a Scrum Master, coach, consultant and trainer in Lean and Agile methodologies. Jim owns a consulting firm, Loop Agility, and has helped organizations become more adept at navigating an increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. Jim loves to train and run. He is a PST with, a SPC with Scaled Agile, Inc., and he holds a PMI-ACP with the Project Management Institute among other industry certifications. When not working, Jim can be found mowing his yard or playing board games.

Session 2 Topic

How do I know if my Scrum Master and/or Scrum team are effective?

Let’s start by addressing one common question, “How do I measure my Scrum teams?” Right or wrong, we can’t seem to move away from the need to measure people against quantifiable metrics. Delve into a few developed practices and artifacts that teams, Scrum Masters, and even *gasp* managers can use to help identify which teams are excelling and which teams may need some extra help. The session leader will present findings, offer suggestions, and facilitate an activity to help attendees figure out how to answer this common question.

Session 4 Topic

Finding Value as a Product Owner

Let’s talk about the “Big V” in Scrum – Value. A lot can be said about this term, but what determines it? How do I find it? When I know what is valuable, what do I do next? This session will look at some models around value, understand what “negative value” is, and discuss how to optimize and order our work to improve our feedback loops and delight our customers.

Scrum Day Overview

Scrum Day is coming to Greater Philadelphia. Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile practitioners are all invited to learn from and engage with certified Scrum experts as they lead a full day of focused discussions on a variety of Scrum topics. The keynote speech will explore the “Future of Work,” and supporting breakout sessions will tackle topics like Evidence-Based Management, Scrum with UX, Fixing Scrum, Scrum with Kanban, Agile Metrics, Effective Backlog Refinement, the Psychology of Influence, and more.

Scrum Day, organized by Springhouse and hosted at The Desmond in Malvern, PA , is a one-day conference for 100 Scrum practitioners in the Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs to learn more about the future of work from leaders and experienced Scrum and Agile experts.

Date + Time

Thursday, November 14, 2019
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Evolve your Agile mindset. Refine you Scrum practice.
Engage in inspired discussions with certified Scrum experts.

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