Course Catalog: Digital Marketing Institute

Our open-enrollment courses are delivered remotely in real-time by our experienced staff for a convenient and high-value experience. For those who prefer in-person training, Springhouse offers private onsite deliveries for corporate clients and seat-side learning for individuals. To discuss your training needs, Contact Us online or call 610-321-3500.

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  • DMI Certified Digital Marketing Professional

    30 hours online over 24 weeks
    Delivered 100% online, learn Google Ads (PPC), Analytics, Facebook Ads, content marketing, SEO and more. Get all the power of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) partnered with the American Marketing Association by achieving two certifications through the included Assessment.
    From $1,368.00
  • DMI Certified Digital Marketing Expert

    44 weeks online
    Learn Digital Strategy, CX, Social Media, Search, Leadership & Management. Culminating and achieve two advanced certifications thanks to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and American Marketing Association partnership.
    From $4,109.00
  • DMI Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist

    25 hours online over 24 weeks
    Specific, dedicated training: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. This course is a deep dive into each platform. Perfect for those looking to fully grasp the social media landscape.
    From $1,368.00
  • DMI Certified Search Marketing Specialist

    30 online hours over 24 weeks
    This Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) course narrows the focus on Search marketing, guiding you through topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid search (PPC), Google Ads (Adwords), Microsoft Ads, and Analytics.
    From $1,368.00
  • DMI Certified Digital Strategy and Planning Specialist

    30 online hours over 24 weeks
    Leadership, digital channel management, resource allocation, strategy formulation. This Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) course provides a detailed strategic framework aimed at experienced digital marketing professionals.
    From $1,368.00
  • DMI Content Marketing

    10 hours online over 12 weeks
    This short course teaches you content marketing best practice. Craft your social media messaging to attract visitors, celebrate your brand story, optimize keywords and channels, and measure.
    From $445.00
  • DMI Data and Web Analytics

    11 hours online over 12 weeks
    Fast-track your Data and Analytics skills with this online short course. Get job ready skills with a globally recognized certification in bite-sized learning units. Learn Data Analytics, Reporting, Data Management, and Security best practices.
    From $445.00
  • DMI eCommerce

    11 hours over 12 weeks
    This interactive short course covers UX design principles, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Experience (CX) and eCommerce funnel management.
    From $445.00
  • DMI Social Media Marketing

    13 hours over 12 weeks
    Short course providing rapid exploration of today’s social media landscape. Learn brand storytelling, persona targeting, community building, social analytics and more.
    From $445.00
  • DMI UX and Website Design

    11 hours over 12 weeks
    Learn the principles of brilliant design and UX in this interactive short course. Learn to tie creative messaging, graphics, and user testing all together to a deliver fully optimized website.
    From $445.00
  • DMI Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    9 hours over 12 weeks
    Rank your site on Google. From technical SEO, content strategy, mobile optimization and building quality backlinks, this interactive short course delivers a rapid overview of getting your site noticed.
    From $445.00

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