Data Model Design using Power BI Desktop – Level 2

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The duration of this course is 1 day.
Classes are priced from $650.00. See individual sessions for details.


This is the second course in TLG Learning’s custom Power BI Desktop series. Using fundamental concepts of Self-Service Data Model Design, students will use Power Query to extract, transform, and load data to create manageable and scalable data models.

This course is designed for Report Builders who are ready to create custom data models. Students will also receive an introduction to the M Language as well as Data Analytic expressions (DAX).


Data Analysis using Power BI Desktop – Level 1 – Report Builder

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Power BI Data Queries

  • Overview of Power BI Queries
  • Power Query
  • Data Sources

Lesson 2: Creating and Transforming Data Models

  • Understanding a Basic Data Model
  • Creating the Initial Data Query
  • Converting Raw Data into a Data Model

Lesson 3: Data Transformations

  • Query Editor Transformations
  • Altering the Data
  • Creating new Data
  • Refreshing Data

Lesson 4: Accessing Additional Data Sources

  • Using an Access database
  • Creating a Hybrid Data Model
  • Working with Data

Lesson 5: DAX Calculated Columns and Measures

  • Review of Calculated Columns
  • Power BI Measures
  • Evaluation Context
  • Optimize Model Performance
  • Date Tables

Lesson 6: Introduction to the M Language

  • Power BI Functions: M Language
  • M Language Syntax
  • Adding Columns


  • Storage Modes (Import vs DirectQuery)
  • Dataverse
  • Power Query and Query folding

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