PowerPoint: Take your Presentation from Good to Great

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The duration of this course is 3 hours.
Classes are priced from $195.00. See individual sessions for details.


You know how to create displays of information using Microsoft PowerPoint, but are you satisfied with the results? Are your presentations eye-catching? Do they effectively get your point across? Join this focused workshop to learn strategies that will help you take your presentations from good to great.


If you are new to PowerPoint, consider one of our full day courses instead as this 3-hour session is designed for seasoned PowerPoint users that want to elevate the design and effectiveness of their presentations. These individuals should have experience with:

  • Creating slides
  • Selecting different slide layouts
  • Inserting graphics
  • Adding transitions

Course Outline

Part 1 - Good Visuals

  • You don’t have to be a graphic designer to craft well balanced visuals. We’ll go over a rule of thumb known as the rule of thirds.
  • When your audience doesn’t have the memory of an elephant, animations can help your audience retain information or grasp facts quickly. We will go over appropriate ways to use animations and transitions in your presentation
  • Hate having to rework multiple slides throughout your presentation to maintain some sense of cohesiveness? We’ll work on mastering the Slide Master tool within PowerPoint.
  • Do you happen to have that in blue? Learn how to explore available designs and backgrounds and then try different looks – or variants – for a little visual variety.
  • Still not sure where to start? Short on Design Ideas? We’ll learn how to take advantage of PowerPoint’s build-in tool. Start with as little as a phrase to get a host of slide design concepts to choose from.

Part 2 – Effective Delivery

  • Do you tend to find yourself overwhelmed by a slew of slides? Learn how to get organized and streamline your efforts with Sections.
  • Want to make it memorable? It is said that your audience will only retain a third of what they read, half of what there are told, but all of what they feel. We will review principles and elements that enhance the audience’s emotional experience.
  • Pet not interested in listening to you practice your presentation. Learn how to Rehearse with Coach right inside of PowerPoint
  • And now it is time to tell your story. Learn how to maximize the Presenter view.

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