6 Month QuickHelp Subscription

  • QuickHelp Subscription

    Online education resources available as needed for 6 months (eLearning)
    • $50.00 excl.

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 6 months.
Classes are priced from $50.00. See individual sessions for details.


The QuickHelp eLearning Platform is an award winning, Microsoft endorsed solution used by millions of individuals across the world. It hosts different mediums of learning focused on Microsoft business applications; these include:

  • Thousands of short bite sized video clips
  • Hundreds of printable PDFs
  • Online access to 45+ live instructor led training sessions each month

The value of the QuickHelp solution is that the content is kept current with Microsoft's updates and new applications.

While you can search for specific needs (e.g. Pivot Tables) the learning assets are also organized into Courses. The Courses are then organized into structured learning paths known as Skill Paths. These Skill Paths are then organized into User Journeys for those that are looking for a prescriptive path through content.

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