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The duration of this course is 1 Day.
Classes are priced from $350.00. See individual sessions for details.


To maintain credibility, we must ensure that our email and other on-the-job communication is mechanically correct and flawlessly professional. In this workshop, participants refresh their knowledge of editing and proofreading techniques as well as of punctuation and grammar rules. 


The Writing Center’s manual, A Desk Guide to Business Grammar, and additional handouts that enhance the learning experience.

Course Outline

Through discussion, examples, and hands-on practice, participants explore how to:

  • Use a systemmatic editing approach and eight proofreading tips to ensure error-free documents. Employ the computer grammar checker and other editing tools effectively. Recognize and correct common punctuation errors (for example, using a comma unnecessarily or using a comma when a colon, period, or semicolon should be used).
  • Use computer spelling checkers effectively (for example, knowing when to accept and when to ignore a change and how to customize the spelling checker). Follow conventions for plurals, possessives, capitalization, and numbers.
  • Remember the difference between commonly confused words such as affect and effect.
  • Recognize and correct such common grammar errors as lack of subject-verb agreement and faulty pronoun use (for example, using I, me, and myself incorrectly). Use “singular they” correctly to ensure that documents are inclusive and bias-free.
  • Recognize and correct such sentence structure errors as fragments, run-on sentences, and lack of parallel structure. Ensure format is used consistently and effectively to emphasize key ideas and guide the reader.
  • Recognize and correct wordiness, ensure specific wording, and improve tone.

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