A large, fast-growing mid-Atlantic financial services company* invested in Microsoft SharePoint initially to add options and flexibility to its original intranet and to improve speed and access to data.

Executive Overview

Our client’s success of its initial SharePoint implementation accelerated an already rapid growth rate of files. The quantity grew to more than 200,000. Internal client demands for new files, workflows, and fresh SharePoint sites created a backlog of work for its SharePoint team. Planning for the long term, our client determined that to continue to improve workflows, data management, and documentation, it would be a sound business decision to upgrade to SharePoint 2019.

As the preferred consultant, Springhouse worked with the client on the migration upgrade. Our SharePoint specialists modified files and updated workflows to function correctly in the new version. The scope of the project included the creation of documentation and guidelines for users and internal clients. Also, the upgrade’s planning and structure intentionally allowed for future uses of SharePoint, such as integrating with its existing Project Management efforts.

Springhouse Deliverables

Springhouse’s consultants brought expertise in all aspects of SharePoint’s potential, as they worked side by side with the client’s SharePoint site administrators. This project married Springhouse’s business and SharePoint knowledge with the client’s insight about the financial industry and the unique needs of their company.

Working collaboratively, the client achieved significant benefits from its Microsoft SharePoint integration and migration.

As part of the migration and upgrade, Springhouse delivered documentation and guidelines for their existing Nintex workflows into the solution. (Nintex is the end-to-end process management and workflow automation solution that doesn’t require coding and works well with on-premise SharePoint sites.)


Because of the migration, the client was able to make the following improvements:

  • It reduced its total quantity of files and workflows. Plus, it initiated nearly 50 new solutions.
  • Using Nintex stabilized workflows and contributed to a measurable reduction in retrieval time. When measured across thousands of access events, this solution produced a substantial decrease in access time. That time was applied to other tasks producing greater workforce efficiency.
  • Production of documentation and governance shrank the amount of support time required by on-site staff.
  • The Microsoft SharePoint migration and integration created a reliable organization of accessible data. This change contributed to better risk management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

Moving Forward

Now, as the client continues to grow and prosper, an expansion of internal clients is on the horizon. It is considering moving from on-prem to SharePoint Online.

*Springhouse respects client confidentiality.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration and Migration

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