A Coronavirus closure, a CareerLink connection, and the creation of a new career

Summary: Springhouse springboards a student forward into a new career after she completes her Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist training

Managing a career as a successful skin-care specialist for a major spa, Emma’s world abruptly changed when COVID-19 caused the company she worked for to close in March 2020. The timing for the company to reopen was uncertain, at best. So, Emma decided it was time to investigate her options for a brand new beginning.

“Using LinkedIn and other websites, it became clear that I needed to acquire computer skills to meet the requirements of most jobs available. Through friends and contacts, I knew of the Bucks County CareerLink and reached out to them. Their career professionals provided me with excellent information regarding funds for retraining and training options and other available services.

I contacted Springhouse Education & Consulting Services. Its professional presentation and the interview helped me identify options and select a training program that matched the career I wanted to achieve. I joined Springhouse’s Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist program.

My advisor was knowledgeable about the programs and the kinds of careers they could lead to. The process gave me confidence that I could do the program. Class sizes were small, and trainers were caring and delivered the material in understandable doses that made me comfortable. They also supplied videos and printed material to review, as needed. The administrative and technical staff were quick to answer any questions I had, and they always made me comfortable.

Since finishing my training, I have joined an international company’s automotive services division as a client services representative. I’m using my new computer skills, even while I work from home.* My new job gives me excellent career growth, full benefits, and greater stability. Springhouse provided me with skills and the confidence to change careers.”

~ Emma A.

*Since March 2020, Springhouse has delivered all courses virtually. This allows us to meet social distancing requirements. The curriculum and instructors prepare students for the job, and the virtual training helps them learn how to work remotely.

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