Summary: Being productive while working from home in the time of social distancing

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By Allison Dhuy, Vice President, Operations

Before the Coronavirus state-mandated quarantine, a typical weekday for me would go like this. Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to the office, work at my desk, field questions, have meetings, support clients, help students, log off, drive home, eat dinner, enjoy my family and dogs, and then go to bed. I’m sure yours was similar. All of a sudden our business days are different now, but that doesn’t mean our productivity stops.

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What’s different about my workday now?

  • I have a window seat
  • It’s bring-your-pets-to-work-day every day
  • I’m carving out time to eat lunch away from my desk (as an added bonus, I have lunch with my family every day)

What’s not different about my workday now?

Thanks to the internet and cloud services, I am able to work through my daily responsibilities with ease. Fully operational, Springhouse continues to provide both its live instructor-led training and consulting services.

Photo credit: Allison Dhuy
  • Several members of the Springhouse staff – myself included – are receiving all incoming calls to our main number (610-321-3500) at our homes thanks to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
  • We are remotely coordinating the delivery of all classes, both public and private, through our cloud-based training management system, Arlo.
  • We also continue to add new dates to our Course Catalog and take new online registrations.
  • With Go-to-Meeting video conferencing and remote desktop access, instructors and students are gathering in virtual classrooms from the safety of their homes, continuing their education, and experiencing new ways of working.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is supporting our corporate email correspondence, proposal of services, and other collaborations through Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

How can Springhouse help you make the most of working from home

In order to use this time to the highest advantage, Springhouse is engaging with its clients via Microsoft Teams and helping them improve efficiency going forward. We are helping their remote work force maximize their use of Office 365 apps, features and functionality by:

  • Delivering live, instructor-led online training sessions that last as little as two hours
  • Activating self-pace e-earning solutions, such a BrainStorm QuickHelp
  • Supporting your workforce as it formulates, learns, and maximizes the use of Teams and SharePoint

Therefore, if you, your team, and your organization are as committed to being productive as you can be in this altered state of business, reach out to us to support your new work-from-home reality. Springhouse would be happy to help you formulate a short-term solution with an eye toward long-term goals.

Get a conversation started

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