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Adopting an Agile business mindset requires top-to-bottom leadership understanding and training. An organization will be successful at Agile when the mindset is embraced and fully understood at all levels of management. Agile training for senior executives is as important as training for teams within the workforce. A solid education is the difference between “going Agile” in theory and actually living the Agile mindset as a corporate culture.


Going Agile does not mean you simply change your product development processes. It sparks a culture change in the workplace that permeates multiple aspects of your business.

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What is Agile?

Agile is a management ideology for reaching identified business goals that is penetrating many areas of product development and services. Organizations must quickly deliver new or enhanced products and systems in response to the continuous demand of customers, competition, and business pressures. Agile frameworks reduce re-work by bal­ancing flexibility with control to establish a more effective product for your customers.

The importance of Agile training

Agile and its various methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban, are learned skills. From the workflow behaviors to the terminology, Springhouse delivers courses that provide that provide foundational knowledge to groups of new practitioners, techniques for leaders of these newly formed teams, and detailed certification-prep. Because it is a work-management style, rather than a technology skill, Agile works best when the people within the organization are all trained. This provides everyone with first-hand knowledge about how this new way of working actually works.

Springhouse provides open-enrollment and private training for all Agile, Scrum, and Kanban courses. Training will lead to professional certifications for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, and others specialists in the organization.

Start with these essential courses under the Agile umbrella

If you are just getting started on your Agile transformation or if you need guidance along the way, we recommend starting with these titles in our course catalog.

Training frameworks under the Agile umbrella

Professional Scrum Training

Scrum is used by businesses in support of developing, delivering, and sustaining ever evolving or complex products. It is part of the Agile mindset, for many a new way of working, that companies employ to efficiently bring products or campaigns to market. Through Scrum training, teams learn how to work in unison, advancing project in short sprints, re-convening frequently and adjusting as needed, and then repeating the forward push. Each time they celebrate reaching the next milestone, they chip away at their end goal for the product.

Kanban Courses

In our Kanban courses, students will learn that “Kanban is a strategy for optimizing the flow of stakeholder value through a process that uses a visual, work in progress limited pull system.” It is a practice of defining and visualizing the workflow, so as to intentionally control the WIP (work in progress). By actively managing the quantity or scope of items in progress, it allows the team to inspect and adapt the workflow. Focusing on the flow and reducing batch size is a way to improve your delivery of value.

Springhouse and

Springhouse is a recognized member of the Professional Training Network (PTN). The network enables Springhouse to leverage the premium brand, courses, and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community. The Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications are among the top sought certifications within Agile organizations. To become a PTN member, Springhouse surpassed strict requirements set by We are dedicated to training through continued use of PSTs. Furthermore, we adhere to the code of conduct, which has put in place, to ensure that students are receiving the highest quality training experience.

REMINDER: Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, Springhouse is currently only offering live online instruction. In-person classes will resume on a date to be announced.

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