SharePoint Strategy Session

Schedule a free 60-minute private event with a Springhouse Microsoft SharePoint specialist

Whether you are just testing the Microsoft SharePoint waters or you are wondering if a site tune-up is needed, this virtual strategy session will give you the chance to talk candidly with a subject-matter expert and ask your most pressing questions without distraction.

Prior to the event, we will request information about site history, challenges, and objectives so that our team has the complete picture.

For example, you might say:

  • “We have a SharePoint 2010 site that we are looking to move to the SharePoint Online.”
  • “We have a highly customized SharePoint site and we’ve modified the style sheets and created a lot of complicated workflows.”
  • “We need to integrate data analysis tools, like Power BI models, into our SharePoint site.”

During the Strategy Session event, our SharePoint consultant will tailor the event agenda based on your unique needs and their insight with similar experiences.

Afterward, Springhouse will provide a complimentary recap of the conversation, an analysis of the challenge, and the recommended next steps, as well as a menu of SharePoint diagnostic services we offer.

Plus, ask us how attending this event can help you save up to $1,250 on SharePoint consulting services!

SharePoint Shop Talk

Special Offer

Extra Incentive

Schedule and attend the SharePoint Strategy Session to earn your company a $1,250 discount on SharePoint consulting services.

  • Discount will be reflected as a line item on the Statement of Work.
  • One discount is applied per statement of work, not per corporate representative at the event.
  • Offer valid on new SharePoint contracts signed within six months of the event date.

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