Zoom Essentials

Get everyone up and running using Zoom quickly. Create confidence, competence, and peace of mind. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)

Zoom for Trainers, HR, L&D

Make remote learning and training just as effective as an in-person experience. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)

Zoom Technical Deep Dive

Deepen your knowledge of zoom features and settings. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)

Expert Training for Professionals

Search for: Expert Training for Professionals Springhouse teaches a comprehensive curriculum for the right mix of desktop, technical, and technology training to meet your business or personal goals. Our training model includes the development of a training plan,...


Career opportunities at Springhouse offer salaries that are competitive and comprehensive benefits for full-time employees.

Microsoft Desktop and QuickBook Classes

Login instructions for Springhouse’s QuickBook and Microsoft students. Learn how to access remote courses, connect to Zoom, and retrieve digital courseware.


On this sitemap, you will find a simple list of all Springhouse courses (A-Z), web pages, topics, current offers, blog posts, as well as post categories and tags. Please call 610-321-3500 if you need assistance finding a specific class or consulting service.


Classroom Resources Hub Your training at Springhouse may require you to access a variety of online resources, depending on the class. Bookmark this page — https://www.springhouse.com/classroom — and return to it as a hub for links and login starting...

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