JavaScript and jQuery Introduction

In this 2 day class, students will learn to use or create JavaScript variables, arithmetic and logical operators, built-in and custom functions, and conditional statements and loops, as well as how to use JavaScript to control appearance and functionality of web...

Consulting, Workplace Learning, Online Training

Springhouse helps organizations work better. Our goal is to help elevate the potential of individuals, their teams, and the organization they work for. Our definition of better centers on improvements in collaboration, effectiveness, efficiency, and intelligence.

Find training

Can’t find the class you need? Let us help Springhouse teaches a comprehensive curriculum of desktop, technical, and technology training to meet your business or personal goals. We have hundreds of educational titles in our curriculum, and that list continues to...

Pricing & Special Offers

Springhouse helps clients accomplish more within the scope of their budget by offering savings discounts and special offers. Request pricing details.

Web Design Using HTML5 and CSS3

This course will introduce students to the techniques used in the development of any web site. Students will learn how web applications work, and how to produce the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that work behind the scenes to create a full web experience.

Moving Forward by Engaging

Today’s customers are more powerful than ever. In order to meet their demand for value, there is a need to be on – and stay on – the cutting edge. Agile businesses – and all the wheels, gears, and cogs that power it – are incrementally and continuously evolving and enhancing the products and services that they deliver based on their customer’s feedback.

Springhouse Blog

The Springhouse blog features articles, testimonials, case studies, lists, tips, training and consulting ideas, and more.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Becoming certified in digital marketing, you will be prepared to take a more evolved role in the many specialties within the marketing field. A certification will ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective online marketing strategy.

Microsoft 365 Support Services 

Springhouse subject matter experts provide Microsoft 365 support services for SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Springhouse guides our customers through the discussions that lead to Microsoft SharePoint solutions that are the right fit for them.

Microsoft Power Platform Solutions

Springhouse knows how to leverage the full strength of Power Apps and Power Automate — two parts of Microsoft Power Platform solutions.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

Springhouse consulting professionals integrate and customize Microsoft 365 solutions like SharePoint, Teams, and the Power Platform to the unique characteristics of our clients.

Workplace Learning

Springhouse offers workplace learning for HR, workforce development, and managers to help individuals, teams, and organizations work better.

Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Springhouse helps businesses develop and create Microsoft Power BI solutions and dashboards in order to make informed business decisions.

Microsoft Teams Solutions

Springhouse helps departments and functional units harness Microsoft Teams solutions and elevate how they collaborate. 

Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365’s integrated collaboration solutions are SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. Springhouse has a portfolio of corporate training offerings.

Project Management Training

Springhouse upskills the practice of project management by educating individuals on the characteristics that align with standards.

Agile Ways of Working

Springhouse collaborates on the most effective way to improve Agile ways of working using frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, or SAfe,

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