Expert Training for Professionals

Search for: Expert Training for Professionals Springhouse teaches a comprehensive curriculum for the right mix of desktop, technical, and technology training to meet your business or personal goals. Our training model includes the development of a training plan,...


Career opportunities at Springhouse offer salaries that are competitive and comprehensive benefits for full-time employees.

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

Students will obtain real world cyber security knowledge that will enable them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses and help safeguard against threats.

Virtual Office Playbook

Virtual Office Playbook Developing a strategic business plan for a remote workforce Sophisticated technology innovations make it possible for people to work virtually from anywhere. The way the world goes to work is changing daily and the work-from-home experiment is...

Who’s afraid of the big bad SAFe?

Let’s demystify Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) surrounding it. We’ll explore when and why SAFe can be useful.

SharePoint Training

Springhouse delivers SharePoint training for end users, power users, and site administrators. Our open-enrollment and private SharePoint courses are taught in real-time by instructors who are qualified and certified to teach the latest release of Microsoft’s official courseware.

Agile Training

Agile Training Solutions Learning modern methods for the future of work   Adopting an Agile business mindset requires top-to-bottom leadership understanding and training. An organization will be successful at Agile when the mindset is embraced and fully...

Agile Consulting

Fully embracing Agile ways of working requires leadership to completely understand and support an agile mindset. To succeed, an Agile company is driven by its customer input, feedback, and ongoing satisfaction. Springhouse consulting supports the effort to create business agility.


On this sitemap, you will find a simple list of all Springhouse courses (A-Z), web pages, topics, current offers, blog posts, as well as post categories and tags. Please call 610-321-3500 if you need assistance finding a specific class or consulting service.

Microsoft Azure Training

As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Springhouse delivers a complete training catalog of official Microsoft Azure courses for professionals seeking certifications.

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