Modern technology changes continuously. Microsoft platforms that live in the cloud, such as Office 365, are enhanced in real-time. Best-of-show programs, like Word, Outlook, or Excel, add newer and smarter features with every roll-out. Businesses upgrade to the latest version with new bells and whistles, however, the end-users don’t always have time budgeted for training on those latest features. Often, employees are expected to figure out the changes on their own, which can be intimidating and time-consuming.

Springhouse Education & Consulting Services, which has been providing instructor-led desktop education since 1989, recognizes that a lack of time for continuous training and/or an underlying discomfort with change can undermine employee mastery of technology and affect business productivity.

Allison Dhuy, Vice President of Operations at Springhouse, says, “We know that finding time to adequately train the workforce is a real obstacle for a lot of businesses, and we are thrilled to announce that Springhouse now has a solution to address this challenge.”

Springhouse has partnered with a web-based service – BrainStorm QuickHelp™ – to supplement in-person learning with video-based desktop training. QuickHelp™ subscriptions, administered by Springhouse, are now available as another pathway for desktop education. Subscriptions can be purchased by a company for some or all of its employees. Springhouse welcomes businesses to pilot QuickHelp™ by starting with a free 45-day trial.

QuickHelp™ has an extensive library of on-demand, short-segment videos, featuring current how-to instructions for Microsoft desktop programs, such as Outlook, and soft business skills, like time management. It categorizes these e-learning videos into skill paths for easy navigation and supports the information with printable supporting materials. Account holders can earn points for completing certain tasks and enjoy some friendly competition by acquiring badges.

“The gamification is a fun motivator, but the genius behind QuickHelp™ is that it supplements the training we offer in class with e-learning delivered at the employee’s pace and schedule,” explains Dhuy. “Help Desk Managers and Training Coordinators love it because they can assign and tailor playlists for their team, and end-users will feel supported because they get the how-to instruction they need at the moment they need it. It will make it easier for people to find a comfort level with the continuous changes to the Microsoft programs that they rely on every day.”

Springhouse has built a trusted reputation as a provider of quality training. It is now offering QuickHelp™ as a value-add solution to its desktop training clients and prospects. Read more.

About BrainStorm
BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is a 360-degree end-user change management and training platform that helps clients make the most of their Microsoft productivity tools. It has put 20 years of content expertise into a powerful learning platform to create change that sticks. QuickHelp™ creates an immersive experience that engages employees with software in a way that’s applicable to their job and work style.

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