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  • Cultivate Engaged Customer Relationships

    2 Hours
    Learn the what, why, and how behind creating a customer-centric culture. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)
    From $2,250.00
  • Design Thinking Introduction

    2 Hours
    Design thinking is a human-centered process for innovation and problem solving. In this workshop, you will learn the process and philosophies built into design thinking. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)
    From $2,250.00
  • DMI Certified Digital Strategy and Planning Specialist

    30 online hours over 24 weeks
    Leadership, digital channel management, resource allocation, strategy formulation. This Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) course provides a detailed strategic framework aimed at experienced digital marketing professionals.
    From $1,368.00
  • DMI Customer Experience (CX)

    8 hours online over 12 weeks
    This popular short course covers the importance of Customer Experience Management. From gathering feedback to delivering customer service, learn to manage the full CX for your organization.
    From $445.00
  • DMI Digital Strategy

    11 hours online over 12 weeks
    Discover the fundamentals of a digital strategy in this interactive course. Design your strategy around personas, tell your story and optimize. Learn budget management, testing and resourcing.
    From $445.00
  • DMI eCommerce

    11 hours over 12 weeks
    This interactive short course covers UX design principles, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Experience (CX) and eCommerce funnel management.
    From $445.00
  • Fundamentals of Design

    1 Day
    Fundamentals of Design is for those considering a career associated with digital design and centers on design principles, terminologies, and concepts.
    From $450.00
  • Lead Collaborative Teams

    2 Hours
    Drive teams to better results. Assemble and lead a high-functioning team for a more positive dynamic and better business result. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)
    From $2,250.00
  • Managing Multiple Projects, Programs, and Portfolios

    2 Days
    This interactive, participant-driven workshop helps students tackle the next level of proficiency required to become an effective manager of multiple, simultaneous projects, programs, or portfolios. Overall, the skills needed to manage multiple projects, programs, or portfolios successfully are quite similar.
    From $990.00
  • Support Challenging Customers

    2 Hours
    Learn the skills necessary to effectively manage sensitive situations in person and on the phone. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)
    From $2,250.00

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