Course Catalog: Data Analytics Learning Track

Data Analytics is the practice of collecting, reviewing, comparing, and contrasting information for the purpose of making informed decisions. Professionals who are skilled in the field of data analytics are valuable resources and in high-demand by organizations that depend on meaningful information about their business, products, and markets for future growth. Springhouse's Data Analytics Learning Track is a curated list of courses for those who want to start or enhance their career in descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.

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  • 20761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL

    5 Days
    This course is designed to introduce students to Transact-SQL. It is designed in such a way that the first three days can be taught as a course to students requiring the knowledge for other courses in the SQL Server curriculum.
    From $2,995.00
  • Business Analysis Foundations

    2 Days
    This course provides you with the foundational skills you need to deliver value to your stakeholders and organization.
    • PMI PDU Points: 14
    From $995.00
  • Crystal Reports 2016 Level 1

    2 Days
    In this course, you will create a basic report by connecting to a database and modifying the report's presentation.
    From $890.00
  • DA-100T00 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

    4 Days
    This 4-day course will prepare you for the Microsoft Data Analyst Associate Certification with a focus on the preparation, modeling, and visualization of data; this course replaces 20778 Analyzing Data with Power BI.
    From $2,395.00
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Excel and Power Pivot

    1 Day
    This course is designed for students who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Excel and who wish to perform robust and advanced data and statistical analysis with Microsoft Excel®. The content of this course is applicable to Excel 2013, 2016 and Excel 2019.
    From $395.00
  • Eliciting Requirements

    1 Day
    This course helps you develop skills and learn techniques to efficiently and effectively elicit requirements.
    • PMI PDU Points: 6
    From $495.00
  • Fundamentals of SQL Querying

    2 Days
    In Fundamentals of SQL Querying, students will compose SQL queries to retrieve desired information from a database.
    From $995.00
  • Microsoft Access 2019/2016 Part 1: Foundations

    1 Day
    Microsoft® Office Access® Part 1, a level 1 course, focuses on the design and construction of an Access database —viewing, navigating, searching, and entering data in a database, as well as basic relational database design and creating simple tables, queries, forms, and reports.
    From $295.00
  • Microsoft Access 2019/2016 Part 2: Data Integrity and Advanced Forms, Queries, and Reports

    1 Day
    Microsoft® Office Access Part 2, a level 2 course, focuses on optimization of an Access database, including optimizing performance and normalizing data; data validation; usability; and advanced queries, forms, and reports.
    From $295.00
  • Microsoft Access 2019/2016 Part 3: Developing Access Applications

    1 Day
    Microsoft® Office Access® Part 3, a level 3 course, focuses on managing the database and supporting complex database designs, including import and export of data; using action queries to manage data; creating complex forms and reports; macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); and tools and strategies to manage, distribute, and secure a database.
    From $295.00
  • Microsoft Excel 2019/2016 Part 1: Foundations

    1 Day
    This level 1 course is intended for students who wish to gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft® Office Excel® that is necessary to create and work with electronic spreadsheets.
    From $295.00

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