Design Thinking for Leaders

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The duration of this course is 1 Day.
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Design Thinking is an established problem-solving approach that has been proven to benefit a company’s value, revenue, and more. We invite business leaders and executives who oversee product management or customer experience to learn how Design Thinking can benefit their company.

Business success directly correlates to customer satisfaction. If customers find that their needs or problems are met and solved by a company’s products and services, they will continue to consume and promote your products and services.

Presenter Bruce Gay explains that Design Thinking is “a practical, user-centered methodology that embraces trial and error and immediate feedback that teams achieve through testing and validation of prototypes.” It is a rising methodology that is used during the initial scoping-and-definition phases to ensure teams are “building the right thing” and “addressing the right customer’s need.”

Bruce Gay, PMP, is an experienced public speaker who has presented regionally and internationally on the topics of Design Thinking and Project Management. Over the past decade, he has personally managed product teams that use UX Design and Design Thinking to inform their product development processes.

Course Outline

  • Meeting customer needs
  • Explanation of Design Thinking
  • Key elements: Customer Empathy, Thinking by Doing, Visualizing, Divergent and Convergent Approaches, and Collaborative Work Style
  • Overview of corporate benefits
  • Design Maturity Matrix
  • Getting started

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