Scrum Best Practices: An Introduction to Sprint Goals and Product Goals

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 1 Hour.
Classes are priced from Free. See individual sessions for details.


The 2020 Scrum Guide added the Product Goal as a commitment. Perhaps your Scrum Team is not aware of this addition or maybe it is struggling with how Product Goals differ from Sprint Goals. Register and learn how a Product Goal and Sprint Goal can help you move forward when you have to pivot.

To help your Scrum Team effectively incorporate these goals into its work, Springhouse is proud to offer a free, live-online one-hour event that will provide a proper introduction to these Scrum Guide commitments. These goals will create focus for your Scrum Team while allowing even more agility in product creation.

This event will be presented by Dr. Charles (Chuck) Suscheck, Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST), author, and respected speaker.

At Completion

After the event, participants will be able to apply the Product Goal and Sprint Goal to make better products. They will also have the opportunity to continue the conversation by scheduling a brief follow-up with us to discuss any aspects of Scrum that need further clarification.

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