Business Writing

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 2 Hours per Day.
Classes are priced from $475.00. See individual sessions for details.


In this workshop, you will learn practical and useful techniques to organize information clearly and logically, write persuasively, and present a professional image of yourself and your organization.

At Completion

  • Proof your writing and grammar to avoid any embarrassing negative judgments
  • Structure and outline ideas intelligently and professionally
  • Avoid pitfalls of email & use it purposefully to generate desired action from readers
  • Learn and practice a writing style conducive to persuade and influence a business audience

Course Outline

Module 1: Action Writing

Avoid Embarrassment: Error Proof your Writing

  • Common Errors & Confused Word Pairs

Break Writer’s Block with Mind Maps
Special Email Considerations

  • Best Practices & When Not to Use Email
  • Subject Lines

Module 2: Write to Persuade and Influence

Write Fast & Sound Professional
Communicate Feeling Through Writing

  • Humorous and Emotional Content
  • Checking For the Right Tone

Discover and Communicate the Point

  • Goal-Oriented Writing
  • Establishing the Goal
  • Bottom-lining the Message

Analyze Audience and Context
Six Steps to Persuasive Writing

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