Communicate with Intention

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 2 Hours.
Classes are priced from $2,250.00. See individual sessions for details.


A thriving organization depends on effective and efficient communication. As you examine your own communication strategies and styles, you will discover some of your techniques are not working and learn how to build on your strengths. Become (and be seen as) a great listener. (Priced per workshop; maximum of twenty participants.)

As a standard, the 2-hour professional development workshop includes:

  • A range of 1-3 skills learned
  • 1-3 tools covered
  • One group exercise
  • Distributed Learning (pre/post work)

Available value-add supplements include:

  • Job-Aid/Hand-Out
  • Additional Post Work
  • Workshop Summary with facilitator insights
  • Access to workshop recording for up to 14 Days

A Masterclass includes all of the above plus:

  • Industry Specific Experience
  • Access to workshop recording for up to 30 Days (vs. 14)
  • Small Group Work (three additional 60 minute role-play/deep dive sessions for small groups)

At Completion

Individuals who attend this workshop shall:

  • Become better at identifying and communicating to people with different communicaiton styles.
  • Become (and be seen as) a great listener.

Course Outline

  • The Science Behind Why Communication is Complicated
  • Cultural Differences in Communication
  • Communicate Clearly to a Wide Audience
  • Real World Intentional Listening
  • The Body Language of Listening
  • Mirroring to Build Rapport
  • Paraphrasing to Confirm Understanding
  • Questioning Techniques to Find Out More

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