Microsoft Flow and PowerApps Customer Immersion Experience

Planning Information

The duration of this course is .5 Day. The list price is Free.


Customer Immersion Experiences (CIE) are hands-on opportunities for business managers and directors to test-drive technology solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams. These unique and free sessions, led by Springhouse subject-matter experts, allow you the time to explore the showcased solution and put you on the path to improve effectiveness. After the overview, a Solution Specialist can provide de­tails about integration, implementation, mentor­ing and in-depth training.

Intended Audience

This event is aimed at business managers and directors.

Course Outline

Flow streamlines repetitive tasks into automated workflows. PowerApps allows you to build apps with a user-friendly point-and-click approach to design. Participants will have the hands-on opportunity to test-drive these tools and investigate how they can improve efficiencies.

This course is also available for private training. Please contact us to learn more.
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