Paid Marketing with Google Ads

Planning Information

The duration of this course is 1 Day.
Classes are priced from $450.00. See individual sessions for details.


This class provides guidance on how to use Google Ads to promote the services articulated in a company website.

Course Outline

  • What is Google Ads
  • How Google Ads Work
  • Pros and Cons of Google Ads
  • Kay part of an ad listing
  • Smart Campaigns vs. Professional Campaigns
  • Setting Up your Account and First Campaign
  • Access Levels and Permissions
  • Linking to Google Analytics and Other Services
  • Choosing Keywords
  • Ad Groups
  • Creating Ads
  • Targeting Geographic regions
  • Linking to Google Maps
  • Targeting Demographics
  • Ad Extensions
  • How Bidding and Costs work
  • The Quality Score and How to Improve Yours
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Search and Display Networks
  • Video and App Campaigns
  • Using Google Analytics to Evaluate Campaign Performance

Intended Audience

This course is designed for web administrators, marketing and sales professionals, and executives who need to work with a Google Ad campaign. Google pay per click campaigns are everywhere we browse and search the web. Getting your product or service in front of potential customers with paid search campaigns can be a very intimidating process for first time users. In this one-day introductory course students will be introduced what PPC.

At Completion

  • Use advanced filters.
  • Track Goals and Events.
  • Create Custom Reports.
  • Create and Analyze Experiments.
  • Perform Ecommerce Analysis.


Mastering Google Adwords Step by Step - Kindle Edition

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