Virtual Office Playbook Webinars


Springhouse has developed a virtual playbook to help businesses prepare their people, processes, and technology for extended virtual office environments. The webinars outlined below will provide a high-level overview of the most relevant discussions, including how to make changes that support your people, maximize your technology, and secure your processes.

Please join us for any or all of our free 60-minute webinars that are intended to provide guidance for business leaders who are strategizing a long-term plan for their remote workforce.

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Webinar Details

Critical Corporate-wide Conversations

How to translate your corporate handbook to the virtual environment

There are important discussions you need to have with your management team, IT staff, and your employees to protect the professionalism and productivity of your organization in the virtual workplace.

Maximizing an Office 365/ Microsoft 365 Investment

How to leverage the right technology tools to support productivity

Effective communications is the root of business productivity. Let’s review the capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud-based suite, and maximize the efficiency of your team.

Security in the Virtual Environment

What you need to know to protect your organization, your customers, and your bottom line

Explore which of Microsoft security defenses are right for your business. Start to learn how to control identity and access management, continuous threat protection, information security, and more.

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Springhouse recommends starting with the following courses to support the transition to a virtual office environment.

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