Virtual Office Playbook

Developing a strategic business plan for a remote workforce

Sophisticated technology innovations make it possible for people to work virtually from anywhere. The way the world goes to work is changing daily and the work-from-home experiment is being put to a real-life test for many corporations. Business leaders are now taking a critical look at how their sudden virtual office fared. What worked? What could they have done differently to be better prepared?

Now a top priority, all business executives need to develop clear work-from-home strategies and policies. This is true for those companies that rapidly adjusted and transitioned to a remote workforce in 2020, and for those that are now find themselves creating a plan to safeguard themselves against any future physical office closures.

Virtual Office Playbook consultingThe thought of leading a dispersed workforce inspires many difficult questions, but you can fully prepare your people, processes, and technology for a virtual environment. To develop your custom Virtual Office Playbook, Springhouse experts guide businesses through the scenarios to address the challenges and create workable solutions.

Virtual Office Playbook Webinar

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Considerations for creating a virtual office

Virtual Office Playbook - people


Are your remote employees prepared to work efficiently and effectively?

Virtual Office Playbook - processes


Are your policies written to support remote work and have they been communicated? 

Virtual Office Playbook - technology


Can your technology infrastructure fully support your line of work? 

Virtual Office Design and Implementation

To identify your unique expectations, needs, and parameters for moving to a non-traditional work environment, Springhouse facilitates strategic conversations with senior administrators, department managers, key stakeholders, and IT leaders. Our experts dedicate their time to mentoring your team through implementation and schedules experienced instructors to train your workforce on the processes, systems, and applications.

In support of your people, processes and technology, deliverables include the following. Use the form to request details.

Custom Playbook

IT Solution Analysis and Plan

Team Readiness

Communications Plan

Workforce Training

Coaching Services



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