Project Management Consulting

Providing professional insight for critical projects and Project Management Office teams


Planning a technology integration or any large-scale effort can be intimidating, especially in today’s business environment when all projects are complex and vital.


Making new technology communicate with existing systems, or ensuring a smooth upgrade to the cloud, or launching a new product line requires thoughtful project management. No matter the size or scope, careful and thorough planning is a must.


Springhouse’s certified project managers apply their knowledge and experience to the prioritization, execution, and administration of your project.

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Springhouse and Project Management

The management of projects is a critical skill, and it is one of our most sought-after consulting services.

Project Management is structured and steady, plus we recognize some work is better suited for Agile (adaptive project management) while other work is suited for Waterfall (predictive project management). We have the certified consultants to optimize the flow of getting work done.

To our client’s benefit, we are aligned with both the Project Management Institute® (PMI) and as a member of its Partner Training Network (PTN).

Being proficient and knowledgeable in a variety of ways to manage projects gives Springhouse the unique ability to support our clients with the right planning strategy for any project.

Connect with a Project Manager

Project Management Consulting Solutions

Manage the client’s
projects and initiatives

Springhouse collaborates with clients to manage their technology upgrades and business advancement projects. Our project managers lead and co-lead efforts that will help your teams collaborate and communicate at every step. We strategize all the details and solutions needed between conceptualization to the launch date.

Mentor the client’s
Project Management Office

Often, our customers just need a guiding hand. Springhouse works with PMOs as coaches, providing support and guidance through the entire project management process. The benefit of having a mentor is that in addition to providing guide rails for a focused project, the members of the team learn and strengthen their PM skills.

Train the client’s team to become PMPs

Every team that manages projects has members who are in different stages of their professional careers. Springhouse trains workforces of all sizes and delivers beginner-to-advanced classes for experienced and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), as well as emerging leaders who need certification exam training.

What does a Project Management Consultant do?

Springhouse augments the needs of your Project Management Office (PMO) with the following:

  • Designing and implementing project management initiatives and systems for continuous improvement of workflows
  • Overseeing compliance of processes
  • Monitoring the performance and flow of all processes and systems
  • Ensuring accurate status updates of deliverables and reporting

Benefits of Project Management Consulting

When done well, a project management strategy increases the odds of completing projects on time, within scope, and under budget. Effectively managing projects requires one or more of the following:

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