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Fully embracing Agile ways of working requires leadership to completely understand and support an agile mindset. When asked why companies do what companies do, a typical answer hovers around “making money.” But, Agile leaders focus their answer on customer satisfaction. To succeed, an Agile company is driven by its customer input, feedback, and ongoing satisfaction. Effective consulting through coaches and mentors supports the effort to create business agility.


In addition to prioritizing focus on customer satisfaction, Agile organizations limit their management oversight. Leaders can expect a new role where they are champions of self-organizing teams rather than managers of individuals. There will be new ways of coordinating work and new ways of communicating. Therefore, there is a focus by business leaders on the product and not just the project.

Connect with an Agile coach

What does an Agile coach do?

A coach will guide your business through the Agile transformation. At the beginning, Springhouse will mentor leaders to greater understanding of the Agile mindset. Having someone with experience will provide the guidance necessary to walk you through this workflow transition. From top-level knowledge to team training, a coach is a steady hand and an unbiased observer through every step. This provides organizations with the benefit of having a third-party expert set the guiderails to prevent slipping back into old habits, identifying areas to improve, and bringing real-world context to the Agile, as well as the methods of Scrum, Kanban, or SAFe.

Benefits of Agile Consulting

  • A coach models the process during the transformation. This will help jumpstart the transition process.
  • A coach provides unbiased observations with external perspective while providing experience to overcome obstacles.
  • A coach becomes a mentor for the Scrum Master and helps identify and prevent slippage into old habits.
  • A coach puts training into context, as well as provides a bigger picture for all levels of management.
  • A coach recognizes patterns during and after adoption and can troubleshoot areas that need to be fixed.

Connect with an Agile coach

Coaches and mentors for Agile frameworks

Scrum Consulting

Through training, team members learn to be Scrum Masters or Product Owners, or they learn how to use Scrum techniques in their roles as developers or user experience experts. Springhouse provides consulting services to assist teams as they apply Scrum techniques into their specific business needs.

Scrum is one aspect of the Agile mindset that companies employ to efficiently bring products and campaigns to market. Springhouse consulting services guides Scrum teams as they embrace a new way of working to advance their projects. In real-world scenarios, our Scrum coaches bring the lessons learned through training and helps Scrum Masters and Product Owners apply them to their actual sprint-by-sprint objectives.

Kanban Coaching

Kanban is a modern, highly visual way to manage an organization’s delivery of customer value. Through coaching, as well as training, Springhouse assists teams with improving their Agile effectiveness by applying Kanban flow principles. 

In today’s continuous-delivery environment, teams need a clear set of practices, like Kanban, that do not get in the way of their objective. And, that set of practices needs to provide enough structure to keep the whole team aligned and focused.

Springhouse consulting brings Kanban techniques – a workflow system, a Kanban board – into the Agile practice so teams have effective tools to support their work. 

The Springhouse Advantage

Springhouse recognized early that Agile, Scrum, and Kanban were going to change the ways businesses do business. We aligned with in 2017 and were named an authorized member of its Partner Training Network (PTN) in 2019. Over that time, we’ve developed strong relationships with dynamic Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) to enhance our consulting services to coach clients and deliver a wide variety of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban courses to their workforces.

Over the years, we have worked with companies through their adoption Agile frameworks in fields such as pharmaceuticals, marketing, investment management, regulatory planning, and medical affairs.

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